Thursday, 15 March 2012

Self Portrait - Submitted to BP Portrait Awards

Figure 01                                           Figure 02

Today was the hand-in deadline for the BP Portrait awards, I have now submitted my piece and will wait and see. My painting is not at the stage I would like it to be, but that's due to lack of knowledge at this point. I am however proud of what has been accomplished, I've never tried to paint a realistic human figure in acrylics before, so this as a first try is satisfying. Whatever happens with the competition - I'm a happy bunny for trying something I was nervous to aim for, and will enter this competition every year.

This is the only other self-portrait i've tried in acrylics, a surrealist piece;
Self Portrait inspired by Dali

Figure 03


  1. Wow Nat actually handing it in for an event is really exciting (and for me would be a lot of courage) Well done and I hope the competition swings in your favour :)

  2. Yes - well done, Nat and best of luck. It looks fantastic :D

    1. Thanks Phil, I value your opinions :)