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From ‘Muybridge to Avatar’ - an ‘illustrated history of animation’ timeline

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Animation: The Melancholy Kite- Character

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Melancholy Kite Art of

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Animation: Norman McLaren

Norman McLaren
1914 - 1987

Norman McLaren's style seems to show flow and gesture even through abstract qualities. He was often creating directly onto the film. Very experimental procedures yet at the same time being very in control. 

McLaren was born in Scotland, then moved to Canada where he is known as one of the most awarded film makers in Canadian Film History.

In 1939 he worked as an animator on the short Stars and Stripes. Throughout his lifetime his name was connected to many many films, shorts, programmes and the list goes on. 

Animation: Lotte Reiniger

 Lotte Reiniger
1899 - 1981

Lotte Reiniger had a very distinctive style in her work. Most famously known is an animation titled The Adventures of Prince Achmed made in 1926. 

She was renowned for her style using almost completely silhouettes and vibrant colour to tell her stories. She would move these pieces of craft shaped into her characters and stop-motion photograph every little movement to create her work. A highly time consuming but intellectually rather satisfying method of animating. 

Animation: Winsor McCay

Winsor McCay

Fig. 1 Winsor McCay
1871- 1934

Winsor McCay is known for being one of America's first cartoon animators. His comic strips in newspapers is where his name first started to get recognised. In 1911 he produced an animation titled Winsor McCay and His Animated Comics. 

In 1912 McCay made a short animation titled How a Mosquito Operates, this played with simple line art and although plain in appearance worked well with the story and audience reaction. 
Fig. 2 How a Mosquito Operates, Still Image

In 1914 Gertie the Dinosaur was created. With this character McCay animated the dinosaur to look as if it were responding to some commands. As a pet dog would do. This was a very clever way of getting the animation to interact with the audience. 

The Sinking of the Lusitania made in 1918 was quite a statement animation. A very passionate and emotion building experience to watch. 

The incredible detail he included enhanced the attention grabbing short. This propaganda animation was designed to stir Anti- German sentiment during the war.
This animation took around 25,000 illustrations to get the effect as it is seen.

Animation: 2D Animation Workshop: Willy Walk Cycle

A little bit Squash and Stretch but I think it adds nicely to the confidence of the fella