Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Animation: Story Ideas: The Melancholy Kite

The Melancholy Kite
Story Ideas
Idea 1:
A kite is laying in a bin (near the top) looking melancholy and quite broken up. Next scene is a flashback to a time when he was happy, flying, not broken, and could show what happened for him to end up in the bin.
Idea 2:
A kite laying on the pavement looking melancholy. A car whizzes past, the little gust of wind from the car gets under the kite and he flies a few inches, this cheers him up but doesn’t last so is melancholy again. Another car goes past with the same result. A little while later a dog that has escaped it’s owner (lead dragging behind) runs past and the string from the kite catches on the dog’s lead. This results in him taking flight. He flies for a while until the dog runs into a small wooded area. The kite then gets tangled amongst the trees and goes back to being the melancholy kite.
Idea 3:
A kite is looking out of a window, it’s raining outside. He looks melancholy. Scene fades out. Next day same thing, raining again, fades to next day. He is looking out of the window, outside is sunny with some wind. He puffs himself out in excitement thinking this is his big day for flying. The sounds of his owner (a child) comes running into the room and says ah what a great day for playing outside. The kite is so excited, a zoom in on his expression, very happy, then it goes to sadness then the melancholy pose again. Popping out of the close-up we see the child walk out of the room with a football.

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  1. I like idea 3 - but you need to look for opportunities to bring the kite to life a bit more - even though it's stuck inside. It's a staging idea. But I love the ending. I laughed - then felt bad :D :(