Monday, 7 March 2011

Unit 4 : Story-Telling: Summary Post

1) Final CG Pre-Viz

2) Final Animatic

3) 'Art Of'' Publication

4) Final Story Boards

5) Final Script

6) Draft Scrips/ Story Development
    a) The Development (writing partner)
    c) The Step Outline
    d)The Premise
    e) The Logline
    f)Character Biographies
    g) The Synopsis

7) Preparatory Storyboards

8) Final concept art for character/ environment/ props

9) Supporting artwork for character/ environment/ props
10) Supporting research for character/ environment/ props
11) Influence maps for character/ environment/ props

12) Supporting research for written assignment

13) Cutting Edge film reviews
    La Jetée, Chris Marker, 1962
    Rope, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1948
    Psycho, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1960
    The Birds, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1963
    Reservoir Dogs, Dir. Quentin Tarantino, 1992
    The Blair Witch Project, Dirs. Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez, 1999
    Cloverfield, Dir. Matt Reeves, 2008

14) Life Drawing

16) Premiere Pro exercises
    (Evident in Animatic)

17) Maya exercises
    Bouncing Ball: Off Centre Pivot
    Bouncing Ball: Centre Pivot
    Pendulum Swing
    Rotating Ball
    Paperclip Chain
    Felix Walk Cycle
    2 Person Conversation
    3 Person Conversation
    Pan Shot
    Crane Shot
    Dolly Shot
    Pitch Shot
    Roll Shot
    Car Crash
    Camera Shake

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