Friday, 18 February 2011

Story-Telling: Story Ideas

Idea 1:
  • Fisherman sat in his boat fishing
  • Something bounces off the back of his head
  • He looks around but sees nothing so frowns and shrugs it off
  • He's back fishing when something else lands in his boat (empty coke can?)
  • He huffs and stands up in his boat - it rocks a little
  • He looks angrily at the camera but sits down and starts fishing again
  • Something else lands in his boat (more rubbish) so he firmly plonks down his fishing rod and stands up
  • He then climbs out of the painting and goes up to a rebellious school child that has un-noticingly strayed slightly from the rest of the class and has been catapulting rubbish at the painting of the fisherman. 
  • The fisherman squelches across to the school child and reaches across to the catapult that the school child is now hiding behind their back as the teacher  has grabbed their attention
  • the fisherman takes the catapult but as the child goes to call out in response there is nothing but some wet footprints and a painting of a fisherman in his boat with a catapult and a fishing rod

Idea 2:

(With thanks to Justin)

  • An almost blind, senile old Fisherman accidentally walks into an art gallery instead of a 'fish related place' eg. tackle shop, fish market etc (method to be worked into if the idea is chosen) and is wearing all of his fishing gear as usual.
  • He wonders through the gallery not quite aware of his location and comes across a massive Turner Sea Scape painting. His glasses show some tuned in pupils magnified through the 'bottle bottom' thick glass like a hunter on it's prey. His catapult flies around his body as he whips it out from his back pocket and performs the finely tuned act of loading it while in motion and instantly flinging maggots at the 'sea full of fish' he sees in front of him
  • He then persists to unravel his telescopic fishing rod (even being senile and blind his years of experience still bring speed and accuracy with his equipment manoeuvre ).
  • loads it with a chunky worm (contained in a lunchbox he had somewhere on him) and casts it out into the sea scape (painting) 
  • He reels it in a little bit and as it has become hooked onto the painting he thinks he has 'hooked a whopper'
  • he starts tugging and as the painting starts looking plucked out the scene cuts to an animated cctv camera which int he cartoon style looks shocked and its lens widens in shock
  • shortly some geeky looking gallery curators skid around corners from each room of the gallery and aren't trained for such an event
  • a little old granny claps eyes on what is going on and in a 'sylvester and tweety' fashion goes up to the fisherman, bonks him on the head with her handbag and gets out her little scissors from her mini travel sewing kit within this handbag, cuts the fishing line, tells him off, bonks him on the head again and walks off 
  • the fisherman, not sure what is going on shakes his head and sees a 'hot mama' walking off after hitting him on the head
  • he lets go of the situation that had just happened and scuffles off after this woman with his tongue hanging out of his face in lust
  • the scene ends with him disappearing out of the room after the woman and a bunch of clanky kneed gallery curators looking up at the painting with a big fish hook stuck within and shaking and biting their nails
Idea 3

  • A fisherman has a son that loves art and wants his dad to take him to an art gallery
  • so he agrees to take him to a gallery on the condition they can both go out for a nice afternoons fishing straight after
  • The fisherman practically lives in his fishing gear so they go into an art gallery and he says to the son go ahead son im going to wait here by this arty looking bench and ill be here when you have finished doing what you do here
  • so the son goes off and while the fisherman is sat waiting there is actually an exhibition being erected
  • a man comes up to the fisherman and asks him to stand upon the bench
  • not knowing if this was normal he decided to just go along with it incase he was in the wrong
  • then some glass panels get affixed to the sides of the bench and a label to the side of the box, then they walk away
  • the fisherman just stands in this glass box looking confused for a while not sure if he was supposed to say something
  • the son comes back and looks in awe at his dad and sees Damien Hirst in the next room
  • The son is extremely excited and says to the dad 'wow dad, this is the best surprise ever, you're the greatest! How did you know my favourite artist is Damien Hirst and to show you care you even agreed to be one of his exhibition pieces for a day!'
(or something along those lines- and the shot ends with the fisherman looking confused but smiling and agreeing anyway)

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