Monday, 1 December 2014

Animations / Live-Action Collection

Mother's Days
CG & Stop-motion Animation (2014)
☛ WINNER - New Designers Screening Prize People's Vote, London, UK
☛ Official Selection - New Designers Screening Prize Industry Vote, London, UK

 How Winnie got her False Teeth 
2D & 3D CG Animation (2013)

Due to Festival Regulations this animation is
Private Screener Only - Password Protected
Please contact me to view
☛ Official Selection -  Downtown Tyler Film Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - Crystal Palace Int. Film Festival, UK
☛ Official Selection - SoDak Animation Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - Cornwall Film Festival, UK
☛ Official Selection - AniMazing Spotlight Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - Rumspringe Int. Film Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - Tallgrass Int. Film Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - Golden Orchid Int. Animation Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - University of Advancing Technology Digital Video Festival, USA
☛ Official Selection - London Lift-Off Film Festival, UK
☛ Official Selection - Festival Mundial de Cine Extremo, Mexico
☛ Official Selection - St Albans Film Festival, UK
☛ Official Selection - Anima-Sao Int. Animation Festival, Brazil
☛ Official Selection - Flagship City Int. Film Festival, USA

Traditional hand-drawn animation (2012)

CG interactive educational tool - demo animation (2012)

Live Action Short Film (2012)

☛ WINNER - Flipside Youth Film Festival, London, UK
☛ Best Short Film - BFI Future Film Hitchcock Special (Judged by Joe Cornish, Writer of TinTin (2012), Writer & Director of Attack The Block (2011)

NHS - Meet Joe Campaign 
Courage Media London - Animator (I did not create the characters / sets / story) (2013)

Monday, 23 June 2014

Mother's Days : Post-production : Christmas Lights Test 01

Image 01.

Clip 01. Green screen

Clip 02. Composite

I had originally planned to use my skills from school to wire up a small set of LED christmas lights to my puppet powered by batteries, but I thought there could be a simple way of using the combination of stop-motion with CG for this. I had a feeling that if I were to cover a piece of wire with black shrink wrap, paint white dots on it in intervals to represent bulb placement then wrap it around her head, this would be enough of a base to add lights in post-production. Once I had some footage to test out my theory, I opened up Photoshop, painted one single dot with the airbrush in a medium vibrant blue then saved it out and imported the png into After effects. 

Image 02.

I placed a duplicate of the blue dot onto each white dot that was on Doris's head wire then alternated the lights to flash on and off for each 4 frames in three sets. When all of the key frames had been quadruple checked to make sure the rhythm was in time, I changed the layer types to colour dodge and this gave the perfect glow I had thought it would on her christmas hat (see image 01).

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's Days : Composite Demonstration

The submission deadline for my degree has now passed so I submitted my work.
There is however, much more to post up and do so I will be continuing my posts for 'Mother's Days' as a continuing personal project.

The clip below is a demonstration of the layers that have been composited using After Effects to make just one segment of Mother's Days.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mother's Days : Animation Demo Reel

As part of the project submission it is necessary to make a short demo reel to suit the area of my chosen career path from current and previous work.

Mother's Days : CG House Composite : Test 01

Image 01. Composite Render of the CG Buildings & Stop-motion foreground
(Bump Maps still to be applied)

Image 02. Concept art for comparison

Image 03. House render with dirt now included

Image 04. House render with dirt now included

Image 05. House render with dirt now included

Image 06. House texture map with dirt now included

Image 07. A screen-shot of the maya view - lining the houses up behind the characters with the amusements building and wall temporarily turned off.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Mother's Days : CG Composite : Amusement Building : Test 01

Image 01.

Image 02.

Image 03.

These images are a test to see how the 'Amusements building' works when composited into the scene, this is without all of the tweaking that will be done such as added bump maps, colour correction and lens blur. Image 01 is the composite with the CG Wall and CG Amusements building composited with the Stop-motion characters using After Effects. Image 02 shows the comparison between the production view and the concept view. And Image 03 is how the elements look in Maya through the camera resolution gate with the stop-motion segment as an image plane for line-up purposes. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mother's Days : CG : Amusements Building

Image 01. The orthographic diagram, Maya model and texture map

Image 02. A render to see how the texture looks

Image 03. A render to see how the texture looks

The letting will be attached soon, as will a bump map and lighting tests

Friday, 2 May 2014

Mother's Days : August Segment Test

Image 01. Me on set whilst animating Mother's Days

Clip 01. The segments of the August scene. A little rough still but more work is yet to be done for the 'post-clean-up & composite'. Also the background buildings and sound will be added.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mother's Days' : Technical Document

This is my technical document to accompany my short animation 'Mother's Days'.
This document explains how I created and composited the CG smoke and burning embers, of a character's cigarette, into my stop-motion animation footage. This document is a requirement for grading.

(Since uploading this document to Scribd, the images have become jagged, they do not have this problem in the original PDF.)

The following clips accompany this documentation.

Clip 01. How the footage looks with the elements composited together.

Clip 02. The original footage - starting point.

Clip 03. The Computer Generated smoke rendered on it's own.

Clip 04. The burning embers rendered on their own.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Mother's Days : CG Wall

Figure 01. Rough Composite with the wall and a grey sky.

This post is a breakdown of the stages I went through to create the wall in figure 01. There is still more work to be done to blend the components so that they work together smoothly but this is how they look at the moment. There is also a grey sky in the background as a temporary .

Figure 02. Concept Art

I've included the concept art to show how the comparison between concept and how the production is coming along.

Figure 03. Original frame from the animation.

Figure 04. Wall built from a polygon primitive cube in Maya.

Figure 05. png image plane with the wall to test scale.

I used a still from the animation with the green screen removed as an image plane so that I could make sure the wall looked right with the scene.

Figure 06. UV's mapped out ready for texturing.

Figure 07. Laying the bricks.
For the texturing, I decided to do all of the bricks individually. This is because of the style I had chosen where the bricks are odd shapes and sizes, a normal high resolution wall texture photograph would not suit the proportions of odd shapes. I added the texture to each brick, layered in the cement between them and added a stone texture for the top section of the wall.

Figure 08. Initial Texture.

This is how the first texture turned out. Of course all realistic textures need some kind of dirt and grime, but first, I make a plain one to test it in the scene and learn where the grime and dirt would accumulate.

Figure 09. Trying out bump maps.

Here are a few different rendered sections to try out bump maps. I ended up changing the lighting from area to ambient and the bump map worked a lot more subtly, just how I was trying to make it.

Figure 10. Final Bump Map - yes there is something there :)

Figure 11. Attaching the ambient occlusion node to the texture .

Figure 12. Wall with initial texture rendered out.

Figure 13. Showing the wall behind the characters with the 'clean wall' texture.

Figure 14. Testing the first render out with the characters and a temporary sky to fill the background.
As you can see, they don't blend very well together, so this is where the fun bit comes in.... 
Adding grime!

Figure 15. Painting in the grime in Photoshop.
To make sure the colours and textures work together, I took a cutting of the ground from the original frame and using the clone tool with a scatter, transfer and shape dynamic brush, painted on the grime in a few different layers, masks and shades.

Figure 16. Final Wall Texture.

Figure 17. Final Wall Front Render.

Figure 18. Final Wall Side Render.

Figure 19. Final Wall Lower Render.

Figure 20. Wall with grime behind the characters in Maya.

Figure 21. Rough Composite with the wall and a grey sky.

By using the samples from the floor section, it made the two sections blend together better.
There are still more things to incorporate into the scene such as the background buildings, more shadow on the wall behind the bench and some moss where the wall and floor meet as well as other tweaking with the look of the film such as a bit of film grain, but for now, this is how it is looking.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Mother's Days : Hand-made Props : His 'n' Her's Wolf Jackets

Mother & Son are 'Rockin' these matching wolf jackets

Figure 01. 

Figure 02. 

Figure 03. 

Figure 04. 

Figure 05. 
I made stencils cut from frog tape and applied the pieces at different times during the spray to create some grey scale.
I'll upload a 'making of' document for this soon.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Mother's Days : Car Segment 02 with Temp Sound

Clip 01. Car Sequence 02 with temporary sound

Clip 02. Both Scenes with temporary sound to show an opening sequence

Clip 03. Car Scene 02, without sound. 

Clip 04. These are the Original series of jpeg images to show where the clip started from
On playback I've spotted myself getting in the way of the camera a few times, this isn't an issue as the frames are later cropped.

Image 01. Animating frame by frame a Maya Fluid Dynamics Emitter inside of a 2D container.
This ensured very accurate tracking of the cigarette end. The character's footage was displayed using a series of 824 exported jpegs then textured onto a plane within the camera view as a jpeg texture sequence.

Image 02. Once I'd tracked the cigarette end, I turned off the character layer so that the smoke would play back a lot faster which made it easier to edit in moments where wind entered the atmosphere. I key framed the changes in the smoke's settings to suit the environment inside the car. For example, light smoke to start with, then it gets denser as a comical element to start filling the car, then when she opens the window the smoke has a lot more dispersion, velocity and turbulence. 

Clip 05. This is how the smoke looks on it's own layer.

Image 03. After the smoke was how I wanted it, the end of the cigarette needed to look like it was burning. First of all I tried tracking the motion in after effects, however, this process didn't work as the tracker completely lost the cigarette and made it's own little path in the opposite direction.

Image 04. To track the cigarette end, I key framed the burning end into the animation with each of the individual 824 frames, this ensured an accurate track.

Image 05. Demonstrating the movement of the cigarette end with all of the key points.

Clip 06. This clip shows the movement of the burning cigarette end, once it was tracked I changed the setting mode to 'original colour burn' and animated the opacity throughout the animation to represent moments where Doris inhales. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mother's Days : CG Car Animation Test : Composite 02

This is to test how well the Stop-motion Puppets and the CG car composite together. 
The next things to do on this segment is to adjust the lighting, apply the live action footage in the background, and try to reduce the flicker.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Mother's Days : They're ALIVE!

Here is a segment of animation with a temporary car interior to see how these characters look when brought to life. It's a little choppy but I'm pleased with the outcome for my first attempt at stop-motion.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mother's Days : Hand Crafted Puppets : Son - Cedric

Image 01. 

Image 02. 

Image 03. 

Image 04. 

Image 05. 

Image 06. 

Image 07.

Image 08. 

Image 09. 

Image 10.

Image 11. 

Image 12. 

Image 13. 

Image 14. 

Image 15. 

Image 16. 

Image 17. 

Image 18. 

Image 19. 

Image 20. 

Image 21. 

Image 22. 

Image 23. 

Image 24. 

Image 25. It's amazing how a character's personality can change just from moving one eye

Image 26. 

Image 27. 

Image 28. 

Image 29. 

Image 30. 

Image 31. Make-up department

This animation doesn't use Mac make-up.... it uses talc on a mac box