Friday, 30 September 2011

Anatomy: Photoshop Workshop: Week 02


Overlay Layers
Colour Dodge

Fig. 01.

Fig. 02.

Fig. 03.

Fig. 04.

worked a bit more into last week's image, Phill was showing examples of how to give a shiny effect.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Anatomy: Thumbnails

Anatomy: Research

I looked in more adult books for information and images on earwigs but there didn't seem to be much at all, so I borrowed this book from Chatham Library and it has the stuff I need. I have spent hours in my garden trying to find earwigs to take some pictures for myself, after a summer of them being everywhere they are now out of season and nowhere to be seen so for now these images will be my reference.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Fig. 01.

Fig. 02.

Fig. 03.

Fig. 04.

Sketch Jam 02

A few random challenges, all based on Zombies. 

5 minutes on a Ballerina Zombie

5 minutes on a radioactive Zombie

Not sure how long this one was but we drew whoever was in front of us as a Zombie....
JJ :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Anatomy: Photoshop Workshop: Week 01

Notes and a sketch from week 1 Photoshop class

Photoshop Phill's Points to Remember 

Good Brushes!
Short Cuts!!!
Good Technique!!!!
Creativity/ Imagination!
Quantity of Studies
Good Scans!
Tablet Comfort!!
If it looks crap your technique is wrong!

Shortcuts covered in this lesson

cmd + L = Levels

F = Full screen

G = Gradient

B = Brush tool

[ = reduce brush size

] = increase brush size

cmd + M = curves

cmd + O = open

\ = Preserve Transparency

cmd + Del =  Clears Canvas

cmd + N =  new layer 

cmd + Z = Undo

fn + F7 = Layers Palette

cmd + T = General Transform

E = Eraser

= Move Tool

cmd + T then ctrl (like a right click)

Edit, Transform, Flip Horizontal

Make a Custom Brush: make a shape, select it, Edit, Define brush preset, name it

Window, Workspace, Keyboard Shortcuts = customise shortcuts

Space Bar to grab, then you can move image around the screen
To Customise a ‘Flip Horizontal’ hotkey
Window, Workspace, Keyboard Shortcuts;
Select Keyboard Shortcuts, set: Photoshop Defaults, Shortcuts For: Application Menus;
Edit, scroll down to Flip Horizontal, click in the gap under the shortcut and type your own hotkey.

This is the stage my painting got to during the class, W. I. P.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Anatomy: Feet Studies

Fig. 01.

Fig. 02.

Fig. 03.

Fig. 04.

Fig. 05.

Anatomy: Hand Studies

Fig. 01.

Fig. 02.

Fig. 03.

Fig. 04.

Fig. 05.

Fig. 06.

Fig. 07.

Fig. 08.

Fig. 09.

Fig. 10.

Fig. 11.

Fig. 12.

Anatomy: Head/ Face Studies

Fig. 01.

Fig. 02.

Fig. 03.

Fig. 04.

Fig. 05.

Fig. 06.

Anatomy: Human vs Earwig

Fig. 01. Human vs Earwig table.

I made this table to get a basic comparison of information of the two different subjects, this will help when I decide which particular features and habits to incorporate into my final image.

Fig. 02. Microscopic view of an earwig head.

This image is going to be a key inspiration for my painting, I love knowing the detail, and there are some funky shapes I can work with.

Fig. 03. Male and Female earwigs.

Basic visual information.

Fig. 04. Anatomical Female human body.

Reference imagery of the female anatomy, perfect for this anatomy project.

Fig. 05 Anatomical Female human body drawings.

Again, Reference imagery.