Friday, 21 January 2011

Space: Re-sub Summary Post

Space: Summary Post

1)Final Concept Paintings:

2)Prepratory Studies:

3)100 Thumbnails:

4)Research: Visual:

5)Influence Maps:

6)Research: Written:

7)Worlds Apart Film Reviews:

8)Life Drawing:

9)Perspective Drawing:

10)Photoshop Workshop:
  • Week 6: Worked on Project : using skills taught
  • Week 7: Worked on Project : using skills taught
  • Week 8: Worked on Project : using skills taught
  • Week 9: Worked on Project : using skills taught

11)Maya Workshop:

Space: Re-Sub: Final Concept Paintings

Concept 1: The Hall of the Bright Carvings

Concept 2: The Attic

Concept 3: The Room of Roots

Space: Re-Sub: Concept 2: The Attic

Space: Re-Sub: Written Research

Friday, 14 January 2011

Maya / Help Please

I'm trying to get a feel of some parts of the chair being chrome,an anyone suggest why I can't get my chrome to look like chrome when I render please?
Is it something to do with the light? The floor? If I have the wrong settings? Raytrace is on this time, thats where I had the problem last time. It has some shine in the render but it's still awful. I will be placing the chair in an alternative scene eventually but shouldn't it be all set up looking correct for when I do put it in there?

Maya / Help Please

I tried the manual vertex merge but it is still sucking in when I smooth them. 

Environment: Maya: Wheelchair Progression- Wire Frames- Update

With the help of some classmates I think we followed your advice, I had to change the mirror pivot to z -3.2 and it seemed to fit, the problem with the gap between the seat is still there though, thoughts please?

Environment: Maya: Wheelchair Progression- Wire Frames

Is this what you meant Jon?

Environment: Maya: Wheelchair Progression

This is the progress on the wheelchair. It didn't mirror the geometry as I would have liked, I saved a copy of the half chair and in this copy I combined all the objects and it let me mirror. There was a gap down the middle of both pieces, I used Merged Vertex Tool and fixed them all point by point. Yes, very long winded but i wanted to see what it looked like. Next problem is, some parts I didn't want to end up smoothed have been because it is now just one object. Lots to re-do but at least now I have an idea of how the model could look. I shall find out what I've got to do to get it where I want it.