Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Maya / help please

I've tried things and i've looked through some of the old tutorials but haven't managed to find what I was looking for....
How can I make this wheelchair tyre chunkier, I can make it bigger but I don't want that, just chunkier. It's probably very simple but I thought Id ask to stop the headache :)


  1. ok did you use a cylinder for that, and then extruded around or did you use the Torus polygon? if you used the torus polygon which resemble a donut you have attributes whch will easier make the wheel look chunkier or thinner, if you used a cylinder and extruded you will have first to set up the thickness of the cylinder before extruded when done you will be able to extrude a thicker tyre.

  2. It was the first object I made, and with a cylinder, so would it be better to delete it and make a fresh one using the Torus polygon?