Thursday, 9 June 2011

Biro Project 01

I've not drawn with a biro properly before and thought I would give it a try with some 'off the top of my head' imagery. 
I am using a free biro from Barclays Bank just to prove these fancy expensive biros are not needed to create a good amount of detail and are mainly a gimmick.

I will post my progress as I go.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Self Portrait W.I.P. 04

Where the last post left off....


I think these images are pretty self explanatory, not much done but the detail takes time, more updates soon :)

Notes on the image so far though.... 
I definitely need to sort the mouth out... seems quite crooked and the eyes look quite small but I think that will be sorted out when I start detail in the eye lids 

Self Portrait W.I.P. 03

Airbrushing equipment I'm using....
110 power converter....

Aztek air compressor....

My trusty Aztek T-AZ7778 - A470M Airbrush....

Since the last post I have added a few more layers to my painting, the first being some Crimson.

Looking horribly sunburnt like that.

Next layer is a mix of white, yellow, crimson and sepia.

A Sepia layer.

Then back over with the light flesh tone mix.

So far....
Next, some detail back in with paint brushes