Sunday, 28 October 2012

Character : Initial Story Notes


• 18+
• Time Machine
• Murders from around the world
Murders unsolved from London
• Jack the Ripper
• Known murders never solved from 500 years or so
• Time After Time 1979
• Jules Verne
• H. G. Wells
• Kung-Fu sidekick to the Hero
• Villain using his own steampunk inventions to murder people
• He/she likes to use barbaric tools because he/she likes that it mangles the flesh
• Female Villain - Jack the Ripper actually Jaclyn the Ripper
• Time Machine - 20th Century to have Sex change so he/she could never be traced
• In the beginning he gets beaten up by villain, in steampunk time, decides to learn to defend himself, his washer woman (chinese) 'I can teach you Kung-Fu, montage of learning Kung Fu -
Englishman Hero, Jaclyn the Ripper, Round chinese washerwoman sidekick

•Thinking of how to make a Time Machine
• Walking down streets of East London
• Sees the silhouette of Jack the Ripper
• Tries to stop the gruesome murder but gets kicked and beaten himself
• Ripper takes ID / Wallet incase he saw too much
• While Hero at home recovering he finds the eureka moment for the time machine
• Washer woman says he should learn Kunf-Fu
• He should write Time Machine instructions down incase he forgets due to head injury or memory loss
• Jack the Ripper goes to his house to finish the job
• Finds Time Machine
• Goes through different times to murder people
• Hero has to make another machine to find Ripper
• They chase each other/ hero chases Ripper through time to stop him/her killing or Ripper tries to find hero to kill him off so he/she can carry on uninterrupted

Toys of the 1950s

Some inspiration to '50's Toy-up' our character

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03.

Figure 04.

Figure 05.

Figure 06.

Figure 07.

Figure 08.

Figure 09.

Figure 10.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Maya Tutorials : Lip Sync : 11 Second Club

Stage 01. Jaw Bounce

Stage 02. Phonems & Visemes

Stage 03. Tongue, Blink & Extras

I've enjoyed Lip Syncing so much if I find time I'd like to animate this clip some more, varying the characters so it's visibly two different characters and some body movements

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character : Lesson 03

Lesson 03
Tutor : Justin Wyatt

The third lesson for our Character project covered the structure and curve lines that make the difference to characters.
The difference between Male Characters and Female characters.

For Example :

Masculine athletic male characters having broad strong shoulders, the waste generally smaller, curves to identify the posture through the spine and limbs etc.

Alternatively, women characters having having smaller shoulders, bigger hips and smaller hands.

Again we had handouts of well known characters, this time we were challenged to break these down into structure shapes, joints and curves.
After this was accomplished, we have to alter the proportions, to make these characters still recognisable but with different personalities.

Figure 01. Batman broken into shapes, joints and curves.

Figure 02. Camp Batman (Batman is Robin)
Batman's shapes still recognisable but with more femininity.

Then we had to design characters with the characteristics from a given word.
My word was;


Character : Lesson 02

Lesson 02
Tutor : Justin Wyatt

The second lesson for our Character project covered the recognisable base shapes that make up characters we know to be Heroes, Villains & Sidekicks.

For Example: 

Heroes are generally made up of Square Shapes, representing Strength.

Villains are generally made up of Triangle Shapes, representing Danger, Sharp pointy edges meaning Unsafe.

Sidekicks are generally made up of Circular Shapes, representing Safe.

Of course these can vary, but they are the basic starting points used by Disney.

During the lesson we were given hand-outs of existing well known characters, our task was to alter their base shapes to change the persona of these characters. 

Figure 01. Handout Sheet

Figure 02. Hulk wants a Hug (Circles replacing Squares)

Dr. Facilier (Princess & The Frog Villain)
Figure 03. Handout

Figure 04. Slightly Bendy Lil

Figure 05. More Bendy Lil

Character : Lesson 01

Lesson 01
Tutor : Justin Wyatt

The first lesson for our Character project covered the recognisable characters we know to be Heroes, Villains & Sidekicks.

We were given our 'Genre's' on which we design the whole project around;
Mine were :


We have to design a character bible for a Villain, a Hero & a Sidekick from these two genres. 
I'm really excited about this mix. 

In class we were given a couple of randomised words and from these had to draw the type of characters that came to mind.

Ape Detective - 01
Figure 01.

Ape Detective - 02
Figure 02.

Ghost Surfer
Figure 03.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Narrative : Clay Character

I wanted to get a feel how it will be to model our character, so I made his bust in Polymer Clay - It was great fun!

Figure 01. Finished.
He reminds me of a guy that runs the Bates Motel

Figure 02. Wire Skeleton Front

Figure 03. Wire Skeleton Side

Figure 04. Mesh Side

Figure 05. Mesh & Stabilisers 

Figure 06. 

Figure 07.

Figure 08.

Figure 09. 

Figure 10.

Figure 11.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Tutorials : Mudbox : Lesson 03

Points Covered :

• Paint Tools
• Creating Paint Layers :
Name - ......
Size - 4096
Save As - Tiff
Channel : ...... 
• Layer Modes
• Brush Size = B
• Strength = M
• Paint & Stamp Tools
• Dry Brush - Need Higher Geometry
: Does raised geometry, or invert for inner geometry
• Specular - Light Colour - Light Bouncing
• Gloss - New material reflection
0.1 - same as reflectivity in maya
• Opacity - Black for fully opaque
White for non- opaque
• Bump Map - White areas out
Black areas in
• Normal Map - view point filters - normal map
• Screen Distance + Tonemapper = Z-Depth
• Render-
Record Movie : whole window or just model
• Turntable
• UV View
Create UV Map - unusable
• PTEX Setup
-Laying textures across a model
• Projection Tool
-Similar to a stencil
-Paint photographic details onto the model
• Tweaking UVs
-Flatten to UV space
-Wire Frame
-Smooth - Smooth the faces until it shows no problems

Tutorials : Mudbox : Lesson 02

Points Covered : 

• Layers
• Mask
• Stamp
• Create New Tool
• Image Planes
• Stencil
• Sculpting Characters
• Show Mesh = W

Tutorials : Mudbox : Lesson 01

Points Covered :

• Interface
• Tools
• Mirror = Symmetry
• Ctrl = Invert Function
• Shift = Smooth
• Tick Stamp in settings
• Freeze Tool - Restricts bits
• Object List - like outliner
• Viewpoint Filters

Friday, 12 October 2012

Narrative : Script : Draft 01

Yes, it's 6 pages long so it will need sifting, but we have a first Draft