Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Character : Lesson 03

Lesson 03
Tutor : Justin Wyatt

The third lesson for our Character project covered the structure and curve lines that make the difference to characters.
The difference between Male Characters and Female characters.

For Example :

Masculine athletic male characters having broad strong shoulders, the waste generally smaller, curves to identify the posture through the spine and limbs etc.

Alternatively, women characters having having smaller shoulders, bigger hips and smaller hands.

Again we had handouts of well known characters, this time we were challenged to break these down into structure shapes, joints and curves.
After this was accomplished, we have to alter the proportions, to make these characters still recognisable but with different personalities.

Figure 01. Batman broken into shapes, joints and curves.

Figure 02. Camp Batman (Batman is Robin)
Batman's shapes still recognisable but with more femininity.

Then we had to design characters with the characteristics from a given word.
My word was;


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