Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Ebullient Toadstool : Almost There


The Ebullient Toadstool : Pencil Tests

Here are some pencil tests to show my idea for the run off at the end.

Position 01



Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Ebullient Toadstool : Ending Stage 03

This is the ending so far. Next, he runs after the skateboard to his next adventure leaving a cloud of dust to disperse behind him :)

The Ebullient Toadstool : Ending Stage 02

Pencil test, this one works better.

The Ebullient Toadstool : Ending Stage 01

Here are the first 30 drawings of the ending. I made sure to scan these in and check them before I used up any more paper. 20 of the 30 are fine, though the head turn is too fast, as shown in the clip below, now I can re-draw them knowing exactly what needs doing. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

aNATomy studies

Biro Drawing

The muscles of the neck and shoulder, lateral aspect

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Ebullient Toadstool @ Phil

I'm finishing off The Ebullient Toadstool, it shouldn't take long and I'm sure somebody will have some paper they don't need now. So I've chopped off the squiggly line at the beginning and here is an idea for the ending.

After the wiggle, a skateboard appears and zooms past him, he watches it, and as it goes off screen he jumps up with excitement and perhaps a WOOHOO and chases after it. Opinion?

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tutorials : Maya : Introduction to Fluid Containers in Maya (Part 1)

Click Here to Link to this Tutorial

Clip 01 : Adding emitters and setting resolution and boundaries.

Clip 02 : Using height fields with containers.

Clip 03 : Exploring content methods of the Fluid Shape node.

Clip 04 : Display attributes of the Fluid Shape node.

Clip 05 : Adjusting the dynamic simulation attributes.

Clip 06 : Adjusting the density of particles.

Clip 07 : Looking at the velocity and turbulence attributes.

Clip 08 : Working with temperature, fuel and colour.

Clip 09 : Surface rendering.

Tutorials : Maya : 10 Ways to Improve Your Modelling in Maya

Click Here to Link to this Tutorial

Figure 01. Cleaning up Geometry

Figure 02. Redrawing Topology

Figure 03. Creating Circular Cut-outs

Figure 04. Working with Normals

Figure 05. Displaying Face Centres

Figure 06. Adding Irregularities

Figure 07. Working with Image Planes

Figure 08. Methods for Working Symmetrically

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gub : Maya Modelling

Figure 01. 

Figure 02. 

Figure 03. 

Figure 04. 

Figure 05. 

Figure 06. 

Figure 07. 

Friday, 6 July 2012

Gub : Maya Modelling Progress 01

After my shortage of knowledge with ZBrush at the moment I decided to try modelling Gub in Maya, this is how my afternoon and evening turned out :)

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03.

Figure 04.

Figure 05.

Figure 06.

Very happy, this is only using knowledge of the software I already have. I will use tutorials when I get to the stages I'm quite rusty with. 

Gub : ZBrush Modelling Problems

I've come across some problems with the mesh of Gub, and I don't know enough about ZBrush to fix these yet, so this is where she will stay while I do some more tutorials and hopefully I'll then know how to proceed :)

Figure 01. Large gaps in the mesh

Figure 02.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Gub : ZBrush Modelling Stage 01

This is the beginning of 3D Gub :)
Looks like a weird chicken

Figure 01. ZSpheres Turnaround

Figure 02. ZSpheres Turnaround

Figure 03. ZSpheres Turnaround

Figure 04. ZSpheres Turnaround

Figure 05. Adaptive Skin Turnaround

Figure 06. Adaptive Skin Turnaround

Figure 07. Adaptive Skin Turnaround

Figure 08. Adaptive Skin Turnaround

Figure 09. Make Polymesh 3D

Figure 10. Transpose to Modify Geometry

Tutorials : ZBrush : Fiber Mesh Basics in ZBrush 4R2b

Clink Here to Link to this Tutorial

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03.

Figure 04.

Figure 05.

Gub : Revisiting Project 101

For some time I've really wanted to revisit my character creation from Project 101, the summer project before the start of this course. 
Today I made time to start reviving 'Gub' :)

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03.

Figure 04.