Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tutorials : Maya : 10 Ways to Improve Your Modelling in Maya

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Figure 01. Cleaning up Geometry

Figure 02. Redrawing Topology

Figure 03. Creating Circular Cut-outs

Figure 04. Working with Normals

Figure 05. Displaying Face Centres

Figure 06. Adding Irregularities

Figure 07. Working with Image Planes

Figure 08. Methods for Working Symmetrically

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  1. Hey Nat,

    How you doing mate? So sorry I been MIA things have been happening for Cogman suffice to say we have a programming team that want to work on it only thing is its now looking like its gonna be a 2D game 3d is a big push at this stage... so yeah we're now back into dreaded cell animation territories lol

    Hey Ho, lol see you've been learning a bit of ZBrush stuff Nat hehe... Good girl. Me too Picked up a nice few tech niches for low poly stuff it's all about retop... Even found an easy way to uv unwrap... I'll post it all on my blog once I get a breather lol...

    Oh that reminds me my business partner would like to pick your brains about a bit of 2d animation... I mentioned your mad drawing and animating skills... Hehe. But yeah he's been on my case to talk to you I'm just useless what can I say? Lol

    Anyway if your not busy at some point let me know, didn't want to force more work loads on ppl unless they wanted it lol I think we were all knackered after Unit 6 lol.

    I hope that you have had a lovely summer this far... I'm still the caffeine junkie (who'd have me any other way? Lol). Oh and last but not least thank you for telling me not give up when I was down I usually have to rely on Ross for that lol. Means a lot mate :)

    Anyway I think I'm gonna go to sleep its like 7am, I think that's everything... had to write this out a second time cuz iPhones are shit at copying and pasting :P. take care mate. Peace!!