Friday, 6 July 2012

Gub : ZBrush Modelling Problems

I've come across some problems with the mesh of Gub, and I don't know enough about ZBrush to fix these yet, so this is where she will stay while I do some more tutorials and hopefully I'll then know how to proceed :)

Figure 01. Large gaps in the mesh

Figure 02.


  1. Hey Nat, just thought I'd offer some advice.You need to start with a much lower poly mesh than you are there and get the form integrity right before subdividing. If you still have your subdivisions intact then go back down to the lower level and play with the move tool to correct issues. Alternatively you could try the dynamesh options in the new zbrush, just gives you an even mesh all over to play with every time you hit the dynamesh button. The 'clay' brush will also sometimes heal over dodgy areas. There is a close holes button in the geometry tab, try that too.. Hope this is of help, good luck. phill

    1. Thanks Phil :) I do still have the lower poly mesh devisions. I have ZBrush 4.0, not sure if that has dynamesh? I also have problems with the symmetry tool, it keeps moving the point of symmetry to other parts of the model so it's obviously not symmetrical when I use it, probably because I've made a poor model. Thanks again Phil, any more advice you want to give I'll appreciate it :)