Monday, 2 July 2012

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When I watch films, I quite often amuse myself by thinking of things that aren't there but I find would be a funny take if they were. For example, if there is a grand piece of music and the camera is chasing somebody, in a thriller for example, I imagine the person running is being chased by the orchestra or that the orchestra is actually there determining the actions by what they play. This gave me another idea for the summer project.

The piece of music creates imagery of something spectacular for me, such as a landscape or a form of birth.
The scene could start off with an egg in the foreground and some spectacular scenery in the background. As the camera turns with the egg still as the focus, in 180 degrees the orchestra would be sat there playing the music next to the egg. From this idea I thought of a funny take that the egg could crack and out pops the conductor in time for the big collaborative section of music. 

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