Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maya- Starting to grasp it now

The task to start with
Then I had a play around with it, trying to get more of a feel for the process

Maya- First step

Thanks Paul and Roy, I was finding Maya impossible until you guys showed me where to find the tutorials Alan had made. This is how far I have got with it for tonight, I need to re-do the colour because the white dots are too large for the area but sleep is needed for now.

Life Drawing Class 2

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Human/ Frog Hand,Feet Comparison

A reference image of Dendrobates Azureus against glass (underside view)
source of image info within image
I thought this was a great view of the hands and feet as you can see pressure and contact points, so i scanned my hand and foot against some clear perspecs to see what they would look like
Also, some rough sketches and notes on the comparison of Human/ Frog hands and feet

Monday, 27 September 2010

human/ Frog Internal Anatomy Research

I've been doing some research into frog and human organ layouts, here are some findings:
Image scans from:
Gunther Von Hagens, Angelina Whalley, BODY WORLDS- The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies, Arts & Sciences, 2008
Visual Encyclopaedia of Animals, Dorling Kindersley, 2001

Human/ Frog life cycle sketches

Frog/ Human Scaling

Adult Human in comparison to an Adult Dart Frog (Dendrobates Azureus)

Guidance image (human) from:
Feher, Gyorgy, Anatomy drawing school : human, animal, comparative anatomy, Konemann, 2006 page 22

Frog skeleton sketch
reference image:

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spare time- I had my first attepmt at using my tattoo guns tonight

I bought some tattoo guns last month but just  haven't had chance to even learn how to set them up. I decided on a break from the anatomy project i'd have a go.
This is how my evening of first time tattooing went.
my model was a bit of a sour grape-fruit :)
I then had a go at using the shader needle, bit blurry but once I got the hang of that I applied it to a new attempt
Next I thought id have a go at a colour tatt... I tried a bit of a red and black dragon with white highlights

First go, so a long way to go yet but I enjoyed it :)

Photoshop skull + muscle painting 1

I enjoyed Phil's lesson so much I decided to try another painting with my tablet at home, There were three images I used as reference, one was from:
Feher, Gyorgy, Anatomy drawing school : human, animal, comparative anatomy, Konemann, 2006
to get the information for skull muscle structure

I also used a scan of an x-ray of my skull and a photo of my profile so I could place the flesh in the right areas

I saved my image at several stages to demonstrate my progression