Saturday, 25 September 2010

Spare time- I had my first attepmt at using my tattoo guns tonight

I bought some tattoo guns last month but just  haven't had chance to even learn how to set them up. I decided on a break from the anatomy project i'd have a go.
This is how my evening of first time tattooing went.
my model was a bit of a sour grape-fruit :)
I then had a go at using the shader needle, bit blurry but once I got the hang of that I applied it to a new attempt
Next I thought id have a go at a colour tatt... I tried a bit of a red and black dragon with white highlights

First go, so a long way to go yet but I enjoyed it :)


  1. Cool :D If you still want to practice on me, I'll show you some of my new Ideas.

  2. Thats some sweet stuff, that orange is badass now.