Monday, 11 November 2013

Mother's Days : Chromakey : Test 01

Chromakey ;
(Communication Arts / Broadcasting) (in colour television) a special effect in which a coloured background can be eliminated and a different background substituted Also called colour separation overlay

As there will be a lot of green screen use in this animation, I'll need to do a variety of tests to get the best results. Here is test one. I found it really interesting, and not overly hard using this method.

Figure 01. Close view of the green screen setup

Figure 02. Lights in the setup

Figure 03. The Green Screen Setup

While I was taking pictures, I moved the object around on the area and found it to be true that the objects are better further away from the green screen as there were less shadow issues.

Clip one shows the visuals through each stage of my process, clip two shows the same thing but with added text at each phase.

Clip 01.

Clip 02.

I like the results for a first attempt at using a green screen.

The next thing to work out is how to apply some kind of shadowing, and to test this method on footage rather than a still image.

Figure 04. Original Photo

Figure 05. Chromakey Test 01

Friday, 8 November 2013

Mother's Days : Armature to Life - Making Of

Here is the 'making of' footage for the Armature to Life animation in my last post,
this is 14 hours of footage of me moving all the individual pieces of armature sped up 200,000 times the speed to play in 23 seconds. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mother's Days : Armature to Life

Over the course of approximately 37 hours across one weekend I made my first piece of stop motion animation. Equipment was borrowed so I had the time restrain of friday night until monday morning until the equipment had to be returned. I really wanted to make this as a kind of DVD Extra, and I had to do it at this stage of the project as any further in the armature would be inside my silicon puppet.

Figure 01.
The studio needed blacking out so the windows wouldn't affect my lighting set-up

Figure 02. 
I started filming part way through my process, the video will be edited into a time lapse clip and uploaded into my next post.

Figure 03.
I love how the onion skinning looked whilst making this.

Figure 04.

Figure 05.

Figure 06.

Figure 07.

Figure 08.