Thursday, 24 May 2012

Commission : Footage Excluding Intro

Commission : Boot Kick Test Sequences

I made a few Boot Kick tests until I figured out a combination that worked for my animation. The original version had a fun set of spins in it but proved to be too small for my scene so I resized it, and went through a few test runs to improve the speed of the movements.

Clip 01.

Clip 02.

Clip 03.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Monday, 21 May 2012

Commission : Object : Mesh/ Texture/ Render Page : Boot

Commission : Object : Mesh/ Texture/ Render Page : Banner

This is how I plan to layout my objects in the 'Art Of' :)

Commission : Bookends

Ok, I think these work. They are a few signs showing this is a demo animation, I do have the animated versions but my internet will not allow me to upload them, so until I get into uni tomorrow, these are some stills. They pop into the scenes in the same hand-made clunkiness as the rest of my world :)

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Commission : First Animated Render Sample

Commission : @ Phil

Hi Phil, Ok, here's a playblast of the maya work so far....

This playblast is 46 seconds long already, I've worked out with all the sections I'd be animating in after effects my animation is around the 2 minute mark already, I know you said the animations can go over if necessary but I have a feeling this would be a lot more than 'a bit'. Anyway, with the time restraints, I want your opinion. I can try to get the whole cycle done with way over the animation time and risk it lacking, or I could polish up nicely what I have, possibly with clips included of what else the game includes (depending if that would work in the presentation of the animation) and include thorough ideas of what else the game could include within the 'Art Of' or any other documentation that would be titled under. 
So in other words this would be more of a taster of the game rather than a play through of the game.
Feedback please :)

Commission : After-Effects : Lesson 04


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Commission : Render Samples

Frame 141

Frame 453

Frame 700

Commission : @ Tom

Thank Tom, I tried what you suggested and it still didn't work, so I faffed a bit more and then it clicked - It's a simple texture, just make a fresh Lambert, so that's what I've done and now it works. No idea why the last one went wrong but no time for that now :)

Commission : Batch Render Problems

I'm trying to batch render some frames, an I've set up the render settings from what I can remember of Simon's lesson, but when I press Batch Render it just instantly says completed and theres nothing rendered. 
Also, I've set Frame / Animation ext to 'name.#.ext' but it keeps changing that back to 'name (single frame)'. I did some googling but the most common answer seemed to be re-installing maya, so I'm hoping theres an alternative answer
Something I've forgotten? Any ideas?

Commission : New Background

I felt my blank background was better as it wasn't making the scene too busy, yet I still felt it was lacking something, so I've tried a texture on there to see if it fits my world any better.

Commission : @ Tom

Commission : @ Alan, Simon, Tom or anyone that knows :)

At one point I tried adding a bump map to my boot but didn't like how it looked, I tried to remove it but by the look of it I don't think it worked. My boot is now rendering like this, any ideas why and how to fix it? :)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Commission : PlayBlast 03

Anybody getting motion sickness? :)

Commission : Test Render 04

A couple more variations

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03. Ambient Occlusion Screenshot for figure 02.

Commission : Test Render 03

Figure 01. 

Figure 02. Ambient Occlusion Pass for figure 01.

Figure 03.

Figure 04. Ambient Occlusion Pass for figure 03.

Figure 05.

Figure 06. Ambient Occlusion Pass for figure 05.

I'm thinking somewhere between Figure 02. & 04.

Commission : Test Render 02

From my previous attempt at an Occlusion pass, which I really like some aspects of that make it look like pieces of cardboard in my world, I've tried playing with some settings to brighten it up. 
I haven't got there yet but here's some more tests.

Figure 01. Previous Attempt

Figure 02.

Figure 03. 

I like figure 03, although I feel it doesn't have enough shadow to really feel the cells are resting on the conveyor belt. I still like figure 01 the most although it needs a lot more light in there....

Friday, 18 May 2012

Commission : Test Render 01

I attempted to render an un-smoothed normal frame then place an Occlusion-pass over in a multiply layer, it looks more realistic, but very dark, I've tried faffing with settings for some time now - I need some help with this I think :)

Figure 01. Normal Render

Figure 02. Occlusion Pass

Figure 03. Together

Commission : PlayBlast 02

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Commission : Definitive Influence Map

Commission : Concept Art (1)

Figure 01. Healthy Cells at G1 Checkpoint

Figure 02. Faulty Cell at G1 Checkpoint

Figure 03. Faulty Cell Removed from G1 Checkpoint

Commission : Opening Sequence Animatic

I think the sound needs softening down a bit, especially the footsteps - they need to be more 'cartoony' 

Monday, 7 May 2012

Commission : @ Phil : Conveyor Belt Design

Figure 01. 

Figure 02.

Which design of the conveyor belt works best? 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Commission : Conveyor Belt : Tank Track Rotation

I found this simple video on youtube and used it on my conveyor belt :)

Commission : Modelling : Objects Together (3)

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03. 

Figure 04.

Commission : Modelling : Object Platform

Commission : Modelling : Slide Sections


I was outside in my garden today, unexpectedly a very confident young fox came strolling in off the fields, so I took the opportunity to grab my camera. 

Figure 01.

Figure 02.

Figure 03.

Then it decided to show its wild side - and tried to attack us....
Figure 04.

Figure 05.

Figure 06.

The best picture would have been just before figure 05. but thats all part of trying to capture the moment, it doesn't always happen. I'm just glad we happened to have the hose pipe :)