Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Commission : Baby Poo Cell : Knock Out

Here's a visualisation of my concept. There will be more functioning sections such as the wooden conveyor belt surface that the cells are sat on, this will be a nice clunky movement, also once we have seen what happens to irreparable cells, the camera will take us through these sections as if we are on the conveyor belt ourselves, through the whole cycle. Also, the boot isn't very 'Bold' in this animation, but it will be more of a feature when I've tweaked it :)


  1. all rather charming - and I think you should be thinking already about SFX too - what does this space 'sound' like - for instance, I'm assuming there's going to be somekind of buzzer etc. for a baby-poo jobbie?

    1. There will be some tantalising sound effects, also a voice over to explain the events taking place at each stage :)