Saturday, 19 May 2012

Commission : Test Render 02

From my previous attempt at an Occlusion pass, which I really like some aspects of that make it look like pieces of cardboard in my world, I've tried playing with some settings to brighten it up. 
I haven't got there yet but here's some more tests.

Figure 01. Previous Attempt

Figure 02.

Figure 03. 

I like figure 03, although I feel it doesn't have enough shadow to really feel the cells are resting on the conveyor belt. I still like figure 01 the most although it needs a lot more light in there....


  1. Hi Nat

    You need to set the 'Max Distance' lower on your ambient occlusion node. Ambient Occlusion should only happen when an object is close to another object not all over. An 'ambient occulsion pass' should therefore be mainly white, your's is grey throughout.