Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Commission : Modelling : Traffic Light Update

I'll ask in my maya lesson friday how to make things look better, a re-cap. - The glass of the bulbs for example.


  1. So, filaments, yes? I like the filaments - makes everything look more lo-fi somehow, right?

    1. Yes :) I think things will look much better with alterations to the glass and bump maps etc. Add some depth to the texture :)
      I couldn't remember how to model a tube around curves, but I knew I'd seen the processes of what I was after in a digital tutors video last summer, they were modelling cables to attach to a space ship - So I checked the video out again and here are the 3d filaments :)
      I may not remember how to do things but I do remember where I can 'self-medicate' :)