Monday, 21 May 2012

Commission : @ Phil

Hi Phil, Ok, here's a playblast of the maya work so far....

This playblast is 46 seconds long already, I've worked out with all the sections I'd be animating in after effects my animation is around the 2 minute mark already, I know you said the animations can go over if necessary but I have a feeling this would be a lot more than 'a bit'. Anyway, with the time restraints, I want your opinion. I can try to get the whole cycle done with way over the animation time and risk it lacking, or I could polish up nicely what I have, possibly with clips included of what else the game includes (depending if that would work in the presentation of the animation) and include thorough ideas of what else the game could include within the 'Art Of' or any other documentation that would be titled under. 
So in other words this would be more of a taster of the game rather than a play through of the game.
Feedback please :)

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  1. Hey Nat - okay - I think you need to ensure that the section you complete has a 'completeness' - i.e. that an aspect of the process is properly communicated. I think it's wise to ask strategic questions, so all I can advise is to ensure that your 2 minute or so sequence 'works' and that it's clear too that it's 'only' a section - i guess it's a question of how you bookend the film experience Peter is going to have - whatever you decide, make it positive.