Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Maya Tutorials : Modelling 4 : Games Modelling : Characters : Head Modelling

Modelling 4: Games Modelling: Characters

Head Modelling

Games Modelling : Head Part 1

Games Modelling : Head Part 2

Games Modelling : Head Part 3

Games Modelling : Head Part 4

Games Modelling : Head Part 5

Games Modelling : Head Part 6

Games Modelling : Head Part 7

Games Modelling : Head Part 8

Games Modelling : Head Part 9

Games Modelling : Head Part 10

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Maya Tutorials : Dynamics 1

Dynamics 1: Particles, Emitters & Forces

Sketching Particles : Clouds

Directional Emitter : Explosion
I'm still unable to use anything to do with Batch Render, so this is a playblast.

Omni Emitter : Fuse
(All Playblasted)

Volume Emitter : Smoke

Curve Emitter : Fireworks 1

Curve Emitter : Shockwave 

Curve Emitter : Water Foam

Curve Flow : Motion Path Dynamics

Volume Emitter : Space Travel

Here's a link to some fluid tutorials I did at the beginning of the summer too:

Friday, 11 January 2013

Narrative : Liberty Defender : Main Cam Render

The shadows from the tanks, helicopters and UFO symbol are a bit of a distraction here, so I tested it with the 8mm over the top and it takes some of the distraction away.

I applied the 8mm as a multiply layer as specified in the composition notes from the previous test, there is no bleaching of the features here, so I'm not sure what settings Tom had it on for the presentation but it is fixable.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Monday, 7 January 2013

Character : Villain

Figure 01. Basic Joints

Figure 02. Flow Curve

Figure 03. Outline

I had a lot of trouble trying to draw the pose I was after and with nobody around to help pose for me I went to the net for help, there were many useful poses available so I adjusted the kind of pose I was after. Once I had the form I needed, I worked into the anatomy to know where things might place later on.

Figure 04. Anatomy

Figure 05. Day Time Costume

This one is the villain's day time costume, as she poses as a privileged member of society, but at night, she is far from a tea and cake girl.

Figure 06. Outline on White

Her murderous costume, she has a love for blood and guts and everything shredded. The mask is based on a skull, in her moments of glory, she wants her victims to see the reaper.

Figure 07. Silhouette

Figure 08. Colour

Colours are very dangerous, with most of her outfit being conveniently red as all these pieces of steampunk machinery fold away nicely under her dress, so any excess blood wouldn't be noticed.

Figure 09. Sepia

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Character : Sidekick

Figure 01. Basic Joint Sketch

Figure 02. Flow Curve

Figure 03. Initial Outline

Figure 04. Anatomy

Figure 05. Fat Diagram

Figure 06. Initial Outline & Costume

Figure 07. Costume

Figure 08. Basic Joint Sketch, Flow Curve, Anatomy, Fat Diagram
& Costume

Figure 09. Silhouette

Figure 10. Outline on White

I wanted to give my sidekick character a more scruffy look, to show she's not very good at kung Fu, even though she taught the hero how to do it, her weight is her main defence. Instead of her using kung fu in a useful method her method of self defence tends to come as her brute weight shift knocking out the people she needs to whist trying to perform kung fu. I also added some armour but with little use as the straps are not big enough to fit around her chunky limbs.

Figure 11. Painted Colour & Texture

Figure 12. Outline with Colour

Figure 13. Sepia