Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Character : Hero

Figure 01. Basic Joint Sketch

This character is the Hero, a Victorian inventor who has a passion for time and space and a hatred for weapons. I designed a pose to fit with the section of the story where he learns Kung Fu to defend himself from the up-coming adventures of chasing the villain through time with a time-machine, without the need of weapons.

Figure 02. Basic Joint Sketch with Flow Curve

Figure 03. Rough Sketch

From the basic pose I sketched on some rough clothes to fit the victorian era.

Figure 04. Anatomy

I thought about some sort of armour he could design for himself, as he won't use weapons they only needed to be for defence. Being a man of science I had the idea of drawing where his anatomy would be under the clothes and make some armour in a similar design to muscles and their locations. This was also very useful when it came to how the armour would be attached with leather straps so I knew where  the straps would tighten to and give the body the visible curve of limbs and clothes the relevant hang in between.

Figure 05. Rough Sketch on Anatomy

I used this overlay to show myself where the clothes would hang in the sections that weren't tightened to the body.

Figure 06. Costume on Anatomy

Figure 07. Basic Joint Sketch, Flow Curve, Anatomy, Rough Sketch 
& Costume

Figure 08. Costume

In this costume I've incorporated some steampunk elements. The cogs on his chest are a device he invented to keep track himself when he chases through time after the villain. There are also some brass/copper protection pads around his body pop-riveted into leather which is then strapped onto himself with buckles. He also has goggles for when he travels in the time machine... health and safety to keep those sparkles of space and time out of his eyes.

Figure 09. Costume on White

I put creases in the clothes to show these things are just strapped around his normal clothes and aren't all one piece. Also, showing his trousers have ridden up where they're held in place by the armour.

Figure 10. Silhouette 

Figure 11. Painted Colour & Texture

This is the layer of painted colour and texture without the outline.

Figure 12. Outline on Colour

I've tried to show a light source, painted in highlights and shadows and some metallic shine on the armour.

Figure 13. Sepia

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