Thursday, 3 January 2013

Character : Sidekick

Figure 01. Basic Joint Sketch

Figure 02. Flow Curve

Figure 03. Initial Outline

Figure 04. Anatomy

Figure 05. Fat Diagram

Figure 06. Initial Outline & Costume

Figure 07. Costume

Figure 08. Basic Joint Sketch, Flow Curve, Anatomy, Fat Diagram
& Costume

Figure 09. Silhouette

Figure 10. Outline on White

I wanted to give my sidekick character a more scruffy look, to show she's not very good at kung Fu, even though she taught the hero how to do it, her weight is her main defence. Instead of her using kung fu in a useful method her method of self defence tends to come as her brute weight shift knocking out the people she needs to whist trying to perform kung fu. I also added some armour but with little use as the straps are not big enough to fit around her chunky limbs.

Figure 11. Painted Colour & Texture

Figure 12. Outline with Colour

Figure 13. Sepia


  1. Hey Hey, Me likes what Im seeing. I do not get the padding for her? spesh with straps hanging off. I feel she dusnt need them but i could be wrong. But very nice :)

    1. That's the point, they're useless for her but the hero insisted on her having them as he is 'health & safety' :)

  2. Haha, she is fantastic, Shapes are so believable and physical! :]