Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Human/ Frog Hand,Feet Comparison

A reference image of Dendrobates Azureus against glass (underside view)
source of image info within image
I thought this was a great view of the hands and feet as you can see pressure and contact points, so i scanned my hand and foot against some clear perspecs to see what they would look like
Also, some rough sketches and notes on the comparison of Human/ Frog hands and feet


  1. Hi Nat you have some wonderfully in depth research going on here, that is really nice to see, also the concept that you worked on during Phills lesson is great and gives a real sense that the transformation is still taking place.

  2. Hey Nat - I second Simon's observation; really impressive and authentic method here; loved the use of the scanner to 'pad' out your fingers and feet. I'm very excited to see how you mesh your anatomies accordingly... oh, and about those pesky Maya dice - just keep trucking and keep the panic to a minimum; you're a bright young woman - obviously - and your skills will catch up with your urgency to acquire them. Trust me!

  3. Thanks Simon and Phil. Im going to bring my mac in today and ask for some advice from classmates about maya

  4. Hi Nat, if you need any pointers don't forget that I am in the base room tomorrow.