Friday, 5 October 2012

Narrative : Discussion Results

From my last post, we have all commented with our opinions from the questions.
Here are our results:

1) Who is the Guy?
Agreed : The All American Dad

2) What is he doing there?
Agreed : Acting in a Public Safety Demonstration

3) Where is he?
Agreed : Somewhere Public

4) When is he?
Agreed : Some point in time ;) 
ok - 50s

5) Why is he there?
Agreed? : All American Dad doing his bit,
but doing it wrong because he's a bit of an idiot

6) Character 2
Agreed : Public Safety Narrator

7) The Outcome
Agreed : The guy wheels off in some manner

8) Technology

9) Comedic Style
Agreed : Serious people in silly situations

So we have; An All American Dad acting in a public safety demonstration because he's doing his bit, but he's doing it wrong because he's a bit of an idiot, he's serious about it though. He's somewhere public in the 50s and there's a narrator talking to him so the guy is talking and looking at the camera  (like the audience is the narrator) The guy ends up wheeling off in a wheelchair from all the damage our safety technology has done to him.

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