Thursday, 4 November 2010

Maya Week 6- Friday 29th October

Ok, so this 1hour tutorial took me 5 and a half hours, I had a few glitches but managed to figure out the fixes for myself and I got there :)
I'm starting to get used to sitting in-front of a screen now too....


  1. Well done Nat, perseverence is often the key, if you were to make this again it would take you quarter of the time because you have the experience now.

    Keep at it.

    Are you up to date with the last units Maya work now?

  2. Thanks Simon. I found it easier than the other tasks as there were a lot of repetitive sections where I could get the hang of the rhythm and speed up with it. I shall catch up with the other tasks too though, still some to finish. Will most probably see you wednesday to ask your advice on something or other :)