Sunday, 7 November 2010

Thumbnails 10%


  1. good to see some thumbnails filtering through - but don't be afraid to go 'cinemascope' and fill out the gaps between the lines of Peake's world - for example, see

    You may have seen this image already, but notice how Ian Miller ups the scale and massiveness for impact's sake. Open out your space a little more...

    Also - remember, you're creating the concept art for an ANIMATED adaptation of your book - and realism is but one style. Depending on your audience/intentions, you can really push the visual language of your world into something more obviously stylised; for an example of stylised approaches to world-making, check out fantasy artist Rodney Matthews:

    You'll notice how his rocks/vehicles/creatures/plants/calligraphy etc. ALL share a system of shapes/motifs - his style shines through - regardless of what he's adapting or responding too.

  2. ok thanks Phil, and yeah I've been putting together another influence map which has the Ian Miller picture in there :)