Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Anatomy: Shapeshifers: Film Review: The Fly (1958)

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  1. Hey Nat - regarding those quotes - my advice is simple; if you can't find either the writer attribution or published date etc., then I would question the ultimate usefulness of the evidence. There are better, less generic sources out there probably - this might be a useful review in terms of helping you identify key themes etc., but there's going to be something more 'reputable' and 'belonging to someone' out there to use.

    That said - it's great to see the reviews all spangly and new - and structured correctly. It's obvious that your spell-checking these, and that's great, but just be mindful of spellcheck replacing an incorrectly spelled word with the correctly spelled word, that is nonetheless wrong - for example - manor (meaning a stately home) and 'manner', meaning someone's behavior - when in doubt, use the dictionary function to differentiate meanings if you're unsure.