Monday, 14 April 2014

Mother's Days : Car Segment 02 with Temp Sound

Clip 01. Car Sequence 02 with temporary sound

Clip 02. Both Scenes with temporary sound to show an opening sequence

Clip 03. Car Scene 02, without sound. 

Clip 04. These are the Original series of jpeg images to show where the clip started from
On playback I've spotted myself getting in the way of the camera a few times, this isn't an issue as the frames are later cropped.

Image 01. Animating frame by frame a Maya Fluid Dynamics Emitter inside of a 2D container.
This ensured very accurate tracking of the cigarette end. The character's footage was displayed using a series of 824 exported jpegs then textured onto a plane within the camera view as a jpeg texture sequence.

Image 02. Once I'd tracked the cigarette end, I turned off the character layer so that the smoke would play back a lot faster which made it easier to edit in moments where wind entered the atmosphere. I key framed the changes in the smoke's settings to suit the environment inside the car. For example, light smoke to start with, then it gets denser as a comical element to start filling the car, then when she opens the window the smoke has a lot more dispersion, velocity and turbulence. 

Clip 05. This is how the smoke looks on it's own layer.

Image 03. After the smoke was how I wanted it, the end of the cigarette needed to look like it was burning. First of all I tried tracking the motion in after effects, however, this process didn't work as the tracker completely lost the cigarette and made it's own little path in the opposite direction.

Image 04. To track the cigarette end, I key framed the burning end into the animation with each of the individual 824 frames, this ensured an accurate track.

Image 05. Demonstrating the movement of the cigarette end with all of the key points.

Clip 06. This clip shows the movement of the burning cigarette end, once it was tracked I changed the setting mode to 'original colour burn' and animated the opacity throughout the animation to represent moments where Doris inhales. 


  1. Probably one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time lol! Its looking really good I couldn't tell that 3D was actually involved until I saw your green screen... The background obviously I got the live action. Very nice smoke effects too... I used fluid smoke when I was doing the driver cigarette... Its a very cool effect and it looks like you have used it excellently...Loved it quickly dissipating as the window opened.. don't get me started on the hair flapping it nearly made me spit my drink out... so funny lol!

    Seriously GJ mate :)

  2. Oh also... the sound works... I saw the flickering you were worried about but it didn't take away from the experience for me... I only made note of it because you mentioned it lol!

  3. Great post, Nat - really demonstrates how 'mixed media' and innovative this is - good stuff! Keep going!

  4. Hi Nat, it was good to catch up with you at Wetherspoons

    Like Phil posted, the mixed media approach here is rich and experimental. The designs of Cedric and Doris are compelling, looking forward to further tests/ bounces of this.

    All the best for the final stretch!