Sunday, 13 February 2011

Environment: Final Scene & Progression

Final Scene

Wire Frame

Wire Frame & Blinn 


Texture - No Light

Texture - Lighting

Matte Painting

Ambient Occlusion 

Final Scene


  1. Excellent image Nat, well pleased to see what you came up with..

  2. Indeed! Nat - can you put a post together on here in which you find a way to show me your progress on all your various outstanding tasks? I'm frustrated that you're operating so much in isolation. Obviously, I have a broad understanding of your priorities and how they're impacting on your attendance and engagement with Unit 4 etc., but, in truth, your level of separateness is not acceptable to me. I'm seeking reassurance, so please, I'm requesting a clear update on your progress so far and what I can expect in three weeks time.

  3. For the record:

    Interim Online Review 15/02/2011

    There is no Unit 4 story-telling work for me to review at this halfway stage. I am concerned and am seeking reassurance.