Tuesday, 22 March 2011

IOR Post

Final 1 Minute Animation
Art Of’ Publication
Final Character(s) Design
Final Storyboard
Final Script

Draft Scripts/ Story Development
-a) The Development (with writing partner)
-b) The Treatment
-c) The Step Outline
-d) The Premise
-e) The Logline
-f) The Synopsis

Supporting artwork for character(s)
Influence Maps for character(s)
Supporting research for story
Supporting research for character(s)
Supporting research for animation
Supporting research for written assignment

Film Reviews:
-Animation Theatre 1
-Animation Theatre 2

-Animation Theatre 3
-Animation Theatre 4
-Animation Theatre 5
-Animation Theatre 6
-Animation Theatre 7

From ‘Muybridge to Avatar’ - an ‘illustrated history of animation’ timeline
Life Drawing
-Week 21
-week 23
-week 24
-week 25

Submission Disc Artwork
Animation Exercises
-Week 21
Almost Finished
-week 22
Almost Finished
-week 23
-week 24

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  1. Interim Online Review 22/03/2011

    Hey Nat - LOVE the maquette work - very exploratory, and the last few poses really nail the dog/kite combo minus the butcher's window aesthetic. The effectiveness of your bouncing ball exercises bode well for the execution of your animation, the story for which you locked down nice and early. Not sure I fully understand your colour coding, though I'm assuming red means 'totally incomplete' and green means 'totally complete'. A personal plea from 'tutorphil' - please don't fall behind with the written work - I don't see your written assignment on here? Don't let it pile up and don't put if off. I want to see some written work related stuff on here by the end of the week - the reviews and an essay structure - or, as far as you've got. You maybe seeking support with this stuff - and that's great - but, again, this is me seeking reassurance that all is well and Unit 5 is nicely on target . You do a number of things very well indeed - but I want you to be a completist too.