Thursday, 10 March 2011

Animation: Character Progression @Phil

After Phil's suggestion of my kite needing more movement, I had the idea of characterising him similarly to a dog. The emotions could be shown though posture, perhaps in the days where it is raining he could do humorous dog things like scratch and clean himself. His ribbon could move around like his tail. I know it's for only a 1 minute animation so just a few small things like that could cover movement. 
Some people suggested Beauty and the Beast (Disney) taking a look at the footstool as a dog.


  1. Hey Nat - yes, the idea of making the kite dog-like - impatient to go out for its 'walk' - is a very nice addition - and instantly opens up its behaviour to a more 'animated' and proactive approach. Just avoid giving it eyes and convey its character instead through performance and body-language.

  2. Ok :) the facial featured ones were drawn yesterday before the idea had been selected from the 3, Chris also suggested no features too :) so do I get the green light go ahead with these ideas now?