Monday, 7 March 2011

Story-Telling: The Cutting Edge: Psycho, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1960

Psycho, 1960

This is a well renowned film for being one of the most shocking thrillers of it's time. Hitchcock's fine attention to detail and masterful knowledge at building suspense in his films reflected brilliantly within this film. Probably the most famous scene in this film is 'the shower scene'. This is where the main character at that point of the film gets stabbed to death in the shower of her hotel room. With an audience fooled into thinking the main story of the film was about a respectable woman stealing a bundle of money from her workplace and going on the run with her lover, and the story being about how she meets the consequences of her actions rather than a murderous psychologically thrilling revealant about the person that killed her so early in the film.

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