Monday, 11 April 2011

Animation: Summary Post

Final 1 Minute Animation

Art Of’ Publication

Final Character(s) Design
Final Storyboard
Final Script

Draft Scripts/ Story Development
-a) The Development (with writing partner)
-b) The Treatment
-c) The Step Outline
-d) The Premise
-e) The Logline
-f) The Synopsis
Supporting artwork for character(s)
Influence Maps for character(s)
Supporting research for story
Supporting research for character(s)
Supporting research for animation
Supporting research for written assignment

Animator Reviews:
Winsor McCay
Lotte Reiniger
Norman McLaren
Walt Disney

Michel Gagne
Ladislaw Starewicz
Jan Svankmajer
The Brothers Quay
Jiri Barta
Rene Laloux
Bill Plympton
Sylvain Chomet

From ‘Muybridge to Avatar’ - an ‘illustrated history of animation’ timeline

Life Drawing
-Week 21

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