Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Animation : Initial Ideas

Here are some notes I've jotted down to begin with....

  1. The Verve Video (Link), Toadstool with things coming from left and right as he dances along, he bumps them away with hips, head (a football appears and he headers it away) etc. - A happy version of the video .
  2. Ring colour of a toadstool, he pulls it off and it becomes a frisbee. 
  3. Top and bottom separate for some reason?
  4. Instead of the toadstool rotting, he could just pop back into the ground- some toadstools pop up in the morning, but he outdoes them and really pops up, he then spends the whole day bouncing around playing while the others just stand there, he doesn't want to stop, but as the sun goes down everyone else gets sucked back into the ground and he is left lonely, so he goes too.
  5. Pigs sniffing for truffles, toadstool is too energetic for pigs to catch him.
  6. Wakes up with an object next to him (dropped coke can or something), he doesn't know what it is but wants to be it's friend- energetically trying to find things to do with his new friend.
  7. Wakes up, fellow mushrooms are standing still as usual, but he wants more, he sees the forest as a playground, slides down trees, swings across stuff etc.
  8. Some people having a picnic, they have a radio blasting, the mushroom hears it and starts dancing - breakdancing or something.
  9. Grows up next to footpath, the people that walk past all have different types of music playing, as they walk past the mushroom starts doing different dance styles to each piece. 
  10. Bunch of fungi, he's the most enthusiastic, but he is stuck in the middle of them all, they're all grumpy but his energy to try and get out eventually gets all the other toadstools enthusiastic.
  11. Bunch of toadstools, person having a picnic nearby puts music on, the toadstools start bopping along to it but the one toadstool springs out and does the main dance role.
  12. A basket of button mushrooms and the one odd toadstool on a kitchen side, he was picked by accident and wants to go home, the animation takes us through terrors of the kitchen like escaping the knife, the frying pan etc, but he is happy to be having an adventure....
  13. Somehow he bites himself and gets high off his magic mushroom properties.
  14. Feet walking through a field, toadstool jumps or gets snagged onto the foot, the feet then get into a plane and it's a skydiving scene.


  1. The first thing I thought of was a magic mushroom gets high off itself and start excitedly tripping, I see you have thought of that too :)

  2. Afterall it is a toadstool and they are fun guys. Bo dom ching.