Thursday, 8 March 2012

Animation: More Idea Notes

After talking to Phil in one of the many lift journey conversations, it has been suggested to stay away from any Magic Mushroom ideas. The frisbee idea was mentioned though, so I've noted some more ideas, but still no solid story idea yet.

  1. Life of a mushroom - Pops up out of the ground, jumps around excitedly, a giant fork arrives, he gets eaten - that's a mushroom's life goal so he is excited to have reached it.
  2. A little bug scuttles under the mushroom for shade from the sun, the mushroom can't keep still, the bug continues to follow the shade of the mushroom, a big chase (for the bug).
  3. Mushroom in a packet on a shelf, doesn't want to be eaten so keeps jumping around trying to pop through cellophane seal. - not sure how he could be happy about that- maybe he's trying to get out because there's something he's excited to try getting to.
  4. Toadstool watching two people, he's excited, they're playing frisbee, as he is jumping around watching them, he notices the band around his waste, he pulls it off and throws the frisbee for himself. (I thought of a way he could do this, in image 13 & 14 HERE)
  5. Alternative to number 4, the cap of his mushroom image is just like a had and he can flick it off his head, then when he goes to collect it he does a summersault and pops it back on his head, I've drawn an illustration for this idea: 

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  1. this sequence of drawings made me grin! boing, boing, boing!