Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Animation: Timing: Fitting the animation into 1 minute

I used a stopwatch and the reference footage wherever I could to work out how long particular moves in my animation might take, it took 3 attempts to fit the sections.

Figure 01 shows I tried to include the title sequence into the minute but found I still had a chunk of my animation that wouldn't fit.

In Figure 02 I took the title sequence out of the equation and shortened the first section of free fall time but I still didn't have the room for the few end sequences.

Finally in figure 03, I managed to fit the animation into the minute but sacrificed 4 seconds of The Blue Danube, so this will need to be revised incase those 4 seconds of music are needed. Overall, to make this animation work cleanly, I might need to add 4 - 10 seconds to the animation (not including the title sequence and end credits), resulting in slightly over 1 minute of animation.

Figure 01                   Figure 02               Figure 03

This is the particular link I used to select the music, the time written in red corresponds to this video

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  1. Hey Nat - take a few extra seconds if the story would be enriched; after all, you're the one having to draw those extra seconds, so if you're sure you need them, go for it.