Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Animation: Figuring out a falling toadstool: Skydive Research

I did some sketches trying to work out how I could make my toadstool look like it's skydiving, for this I used some first hand reference imagery for different stages of the fall.
Figure 03 should give everybody a laugh :)

Figure 01                                      Figure 02

Figure 03                                      Figure 04

Figure 05                      Figure 06

Figure 07                                        Figure 08

As this is an animation where things can just be made up as they go along, in terms of grabbing equipment from the air, this could be useful with some of the landing gear, for example the shute could suddenly appear from the toadstool's back or the cap of the mushroom could suddenly sprout strings and be the parachute, or even a particular move and the cap could puff up and be the parachute. All these things I will be exploring next.

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