Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Animation: Skydive Turnaround Test

Here is some of the footage from my skydive. I have taken still frames from this footage and drawn over them to make a simple line test. I didn't draw the arms as they are not needed for my animation, so he's just an armless fellow.

This is the cycle of these traced drawings. I have included the horizon line to see what effect this gave.

Figure 01

Here's how this looks animated:

Then I tried the same images, but without the horizon line.

Figure 02

And the animation:

Next I wanted to see how I could loop this footage, so I mapped where the head moved, as shown in figures 03 & 04.

Figure 03                                                                          Figure 04

From here I decided to try smoothing the map out, I did this by drawing a figure of 8 then re-positioning each layer over the new map. This is shown in figures 05 & 06.

Figure 05                                                                          Figure 06

This is how the looped animation looks:

At the moment I think this is looking too smooth for an adrenaline filled free fall, so next I will try these images re-drawn as my toadstool, and the flapping inverted cap might add some more thrill.