Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Animation: OGR

Presentation 01

Presentation 02

There is not an essay introduction yet, but I have decided to write my essay on The Brothers Quay.

1. Final Animation
2. 'Art Of'
5. Script
10. Supporting Research for Written Assignment
13. Creative Partnership Archived
14. Submission Disc Artwork / Branding
16. Maya Exercises


  1. OGR 21/03/2012

    Hey Nat - I've got nothing to add, because your storyboard is so clear, and your story idea so nicely staged, that you're ready to get stuck in and make something wonderful happen. You're absolutely making bold use of the white space and with the addition of the 'waltz' scene, you're also embracing the 'what if?' element of animation more generally.

    I suppose my only concern is in regard to the written assignment - it's not yet here for me to look at - and also, you appear to be working of an old timetable re. the animations and accompanying profiles - not a deal breaker, but this Monday it's Bill Plympton and Phil Mulloy, followed by Wall-E on the Tuesday. I know you want to utterly smash this unit - and the signs are looking good - but I also want you to be a great scholar and confident writer and a literate critical thinker - so don't take your eye off the biggest prize of all - which is you being pretty good at pretty much everything...

    1. I got the animator names from the timetable on myUCA, and I posted them up before we watched them, so I written from what I remember of last year. And the written assignment, don't worry, I have scheduled tomorrow as a library research day with Mike so the writeup should not be a problem, there should be an introduction (if not the main structure) of both essays on here tomorrow night / friday for you to feed back on. Does that put the concern at ease a little?