Sunday, 25 March 2012

Animation: Problem Solving Tests: Toadstool Cap

Today's crash tester, I've named him Monty.
I'm having problems figuring out how to make my toadstool's cap look like it's skydiving with him, so I've found some materials laying about the house, attached them to Monty, and filmed them in slow motion as they fall. The quality has not turned out as well as I'd hoped, but it's workable.

Figure 01. Monty

Clip 01. A4 Paper

Figure 02. A Disc of Paper

Clip 02. A Disc of Paper

Figure 03. Black Cloth

Clip 03. Black Cloth

Figure 04. Handkerchief

Clip 04. Handkerchief

Figure 05. Standard thickness Plastic Bag Disc

Clip 05. Standard thickness Plastic Bag Disc

Figure 06. Thin Plastic Bag Disc

Clip 06. Thin Plastic Bag Disc

From these tests, I think the best is the Handkerchief. I think it shows the most flow, question is - would it work as a Toadstool Cap?
I can only test it and see :)

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