Sunday, 3 October 2010

Skeletal Metamorphosis

I now have a starting point for my Metamorphosis.
This is a digital painting explaining which parts of the skeleton I used from each side to achieve my base design. With this I can flesh it out and get an in-depth feel for my character to incorporate into the final outcome.

I have posted the process of how I got to this point below....

Image reference:

Image reference:
Feher, Gyorgy, Anatomy drawing school : human, animal, comparative anatomy, Konemann, 2006

Image reference:

The stages of my digital painting:

 Rough sketch to start with

To make the process quicker and easier, I selected half of the skeleton, duplicated it, flipped it horizontally and pasted the two layers together.

After the frog painting, I started on the Human skeleton, manipulating the position for a more accurate metamorphosis.

After finishing the Human skeleton, I viewed the two layers together to get perspective of how I could select parts to merge together.

 I then reduced the opacity on both of these layers to 50% and added a fresh later.

 On this fresh layer I started to sketch out selected parts of each skeleton to make one creature, using the less visible layers below as a guide.

Now and then I removed the under layers to see how my new skeleton was looking.

I saved images of the layers in a different order, again for different perspectives.
This one has the human on top, metamorphosis in the middle and the frog as the bottom layer.

This one has the frog, the human then the metamorphosis being the bottom layer.

Again for ease I detailed half of the image and duplicated it to get a mirrored half.

 I added tones and this was a good enough image for the purpose I need it.

 Here I put all of the opacity of each layer to 100% to see what they would all look like together.

And finally I annotated the three images showing arrows from one side or the other to show the sections of each skeleton and how they contributed to the metamorphosis.


  1. This is a very interesting way of creating a character design, i like your thinking :) Seems you put a lot of thought into what bones your gonna use for certain areas of the body and how to structure it all. Hope your character comes out the way you've visualised it!

  2. Seconded. Lovely sequence and in-depth study here. I should have commented sooner, all of your work is inspirational Nat. :)

  3. hahaha thankyou guys. i look forward to seeing more of your work too :)