Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Skeletal Metamorphosis- profile view

A quick visual guide to a profile view of my metamorphosis. I havnt gone into too much detail as the next stages are more vital than showing the detail at this stage. Also, I only drew half of the skeleton, not the full one so there is less 3d effect, but this is not needed at this stage.
Reference imagery:

an x-ray of my skull:

The painting Process:
 I started off using a new layer on top of my birds eye view of the metamorphosis.
This gave me more accuracy with proportion and shape.

I then took the bottom layer away so I could see what outline I was left with to enhance. 
 In my opinion the skeleton looked too frog like so I changed the skull to look half human half frog but not straight down the middle, I mixed sections up a bit, for example the top of the head being human, but with frog eye sockets and frog nasal cavity and the bottom section being frog skull with human teeth.

My skeleton incorporates many aspects of each human and frog. For example, frogs don't have necks so they can't turn there heads, hence why they have such large round eyes with the view to see around them, with my metamorphosis there is both a neck and large round eyes. Also, frogs have a sliding pelvis which compensates for them when jumping, giving extra 'spring' but humans do not, so this skeleton has both human hips and frog pelvis. Further in the fleshing stages of my design more detail on the enhancements of splicing human with Dendrobates Azureus will be uncovered. 

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  1. You've definitely got your point across here.
    And it appears that you've got the hang of drawing the way we were taught in the tut's.
    very nice