Friday, 22 October 2010

final pose- update 4

Figure 1
 ok, so continued from last time, I added some shadow behind my character.
Figure 2

Figure 3
Here I noticed the light ran our before the cut off line so I added some more light. 
Figure 4
Then I trimmed it back to the cut off line. 
Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 7
I started working into the teleportation pod to give it some depth. 
Figure 8
viewing it without the light source.... 
Figure 9
And with. 
Figure 10

Figure 11

Figure 12

Figure 13
Then I tidied the layers up a bit and put all the colour samples into one layer. After this I turned the visibility of these off so I could see how the painting looked so far without blobs of colour in the way. 
Figure 14

Figure 15
In this one I attempted to add some steam/ mist coming out of the pod to give that 'eery something has just happened' feel. 
Figure 16
And then viewed it with the light source on. 
Figure 17

Figure 18

Figure 19
I merged some more layers to tidy things up. 
Figure 20

Figure 21

Figure 22

Figure 23

Figure 24

Figure 25
 Now some more colour editing.
Figure 26

Figure 27

Figure 28

Figure 29

Figure 30

Figure 31

Figure 32
 Highlights on the close up areas near to the desk lamp.
Figure 33

Figure 34

Figure 35

Figure 36

Figure 37

Figure 38
Adding some higher contrast for the 'strong light' effect. 
Figure 39

Figure 40

Figure 41

Figure 42

Figure 43

Figure 44
Some vivid blue to liven things up a little. 
Figure 45

Figure 46

Figure 47

Figure 48
Ok, and again.... so far


  1. Hey Nat, strange but great concept! still I am your dad so that makes me a bit out of touch with your reality!!

  2. Odd actually.... the mugshot you sent me of yourself to resize does look quite like a frog dad... you should understand this project....