Monday, 25 October 2010

Maya- note to Alan

Here is a link to the dice which took me a while to learn but I got there in the end:

Unfortunately, the rest is not markable as I have been struggling a bit and have now run out of time but here are some problems I came across while trying to do some other  tasks:
Here I couldn't figure out how to select rows to change the shape of the nip section...

Here I couldn't find a button that matched the logo on the old version of maya to split this into pieces.....

I tried this a few times but still haven't figured out where i've gone wrong and have left it too late to post for help....

 I attempted the magnifying glass, I asked for advice on the group blog and I hadn't turned the raytracing on, so I did that and it worked, but I had forgotten to save a picture of this as I still had more to do on it. I saved it and turned my mac off at this point and the next time I opened it the below picture is what appeared so I again don't know where I went wrong but I need to have a lot more practice on the basics.

Sorry Alan


  1. aahaa...i like ur attempt on 3D modelling
    Maya is da best my opinion

  2. Hi Nat,

    I'm confused...Your dice model and render is great but a few problems later and the work stops...why? Are you scared of making mistakes and not being perfect? Isn't that what your here learn?

    I'm here and Simon is here to help you. There is no real reason why somebody who created that dice image couldn't have completed the other tutorials too.

    So i'm not going to let this drop (SORRY) and I want you to finish them - Come in on Wednesday and i'll make sure Simon is assigned to you. Get past this now!