Friday, 22 October 2010

Final pose- update 5- And finished :)

Final Portrait.

This is where I went back to the eyes, one of my favourite things to draw are eyes as to me they hold the most emotion of anything. 
anyway, I built up several layers of different shades of blue/green and grey.

Then got a very fine brush and painted on hairs for the eyebrows.
And of course, taking a step back every now and then to see the bigger picture.

I added detail to the toe/ finger nails.

The black spots of the dart frog.

Some gloss to the eyeballs.
and to the skin (as it is slimy skin)

And a step back to get perspective.
a new layer next, to represent the hair.
starting with a dark tone.
then lighter, and after, lighter again.

I took a cropped screen shot, I liked this because you can see the figure closer.
But this is my final piece.


  1. Sad I didn't see this today on the huge screen, but its clear, this is a striking piece of work. Particularly enjoy the lighting and soft transitions between blue and red colours, awesome!

  2. This looked lovely up on the screen. The depth of your journey, the process to the final outcome, is really motivating!

  3. Thankyou :) infact, remember Phil asked me yesterday how I did something in the painting? Ive now looked through the photos of each stage and I can give him the answer now, so its a very useful method of recording, I recommend it highly :)

  4. Hi Nat, I also think it is realy cleverly composed, you are doing well keep it up ok.